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Powder Agglomeration

Our agglomeration process is the "Peebles Method", which is a true agglomeration process and results in superior solubility. We don't clump particles; we actually increase the particle size and increase the surface area resulting in solubility solutions where other processes fail. When solubility matters, you come to Lake Country Foods . . . the Leader in Contract Manufacturing!

We have a strong history of success agglomerating powders for a wide variety of uses, and we maintain the highest standards for quality control using strict SQF quality procedures throughout our process.

Our two production lines are set up to provide continuous agglomeration. This gives us the necessary flexibility to meet your specific agglomeration needs, or in-line blending and agglomeration needs. We also provide you with a 3-in-1 complete solution if you need blending, agglomeration and packaging.

Powder Agglomeration


Products we have agglomerated include:

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